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Romney vs Santorum

Our Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum parody is a takeoff on Thomas Nast’s political cartoon showing the GOP elephant vs. the Democrat’s donkey. Don’t be fooled by the smiles on their faces and the “rubbing of noses”. This is a … Continue reading

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Adele Parody

With Adele winning six grammys, she deserves having a world-class artist immortalising the event! But whom to chose? Henri de Toulous-Lautrec comes to mind… the french post-impressionist painter reknown for his paintings and posters of the Moulin Rouge. Unfortunately, that … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin Parody

With the media frenzy on Linstanity I felt obligated to do a parody on Lin. After some reflection, the choice of spiderman seemed obvious. He’s a New Yorker, deals with nets and is humble. Sorry, Spidey, but the poster of … Continue reading

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Is Santorum a Sir Lancelot or a Don Quixote

I admit that I had written Rick Santorum off as having no chances in the Republican primaries. However, his surprising triple wins in Minnisota, Missori and Colorada proves me very wrong. He has emerged as the tea parties new “knight … Continue reading

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Poor Newt Gingrich

Wow! After Newt’s strong showing in South Carolina, Mitt Romney devastated Newt in the Florida primary and in the Nevada caucuses by double digits. So now it is Newt’s turn to be the badly bandaged GOP elephant in a cartoon … Continue reading

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Romney to Gingrich – I Feel Your Pain

Florida was a hard-fought battle between the two top Republican candidates with loads of negative ads aired by their super PACs. I thought that it would be a great gesture if Romney consoled Gingrich on his two-digit lost. Of course … Continue reading

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