Romney Rolls Out VP Pick


Romney rolls out vp pick

Did you wonder why Mitt Romney got that shopping cart last week? Why it was so that he could “roll out” his VP pick this week. And who is that in that shopping cart? Why non-other than the surprise “game-changer” Dick Cheney! [Photo supplied by an anonymous photographer]. This revelation by out-scooped Mitt’s VP mobile app, which was a clever spam list havester.

All the speculation about Romney’s VP shortlist missed the obvious candidate. This included:

Was no one listening when Dick Cheney weighed in with Dick Cheney: Picking Sarah Palin for VP Was ‘A Mistake’??? Cheney’s real hidden message was… CHOOSE ME! I am both a “game-changer” plus I am obviously well qualified to be vice president!!! See Cheney’s real advice: Pick someone like Dick Cheney,

The PRO’s:

  • The test to get on that small list has to be, ‘Is this person capable of being president of the United States?’ After eight years as VP plus previous roles, the answer must be “Yes”..
  • After his heart transparent, at age 71, he looks spry and aggressive.
  • Is should solidify Romney’s ticket with the both the conservative plus the old guard.
  • Mary Cheney might bring in the LGBT vote for the ticket.
  • He will probably devastate Biden in the debate.
  • Cheney’s choice would be a lightning rod. People would forget about the missing Romeny’s tax returns.

The CON’s:

  • The “George Bush baggage”. He can claim that he was only implementing what the “boss” dictated.
  • Age: Hell Ronald Regan was almost 70 when he started his first term and went on to serve for eight years.
  • Cheney’s choice would be a lightning rod. People would forget about the missing Romeny’s tax returns.
  • His candidacy might excite the Democatic base to mobilize and vote in Novemeber.

Oops… on August 11th, Romney’s real VP pick stands up.

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