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Trump rides the bull up Wall Street Trump vs Xi Trade War Sumo Style Happy Birthday to Melania Trump with a gold pizza cake Trump gets Guggenheim's Van Gogh plus the gold toilet in this parody Trump on getting funding on his wall Trump ason withdrawing US troops from Syria Trump on stock market droppiing Trump as Putin's puppet in Henri Rouseau's painting Skunk on a trunk lies My Horse is bigger than Putin's My Horse is bigger than Putin's Beyonce as Mona Lisa 2

Impeachment? Impeachment? Who cares about the F@#$%^n Impeachment! It’s a HOAX by the Democrats! I’m riding the bull up Wall Street! Wall Street and Vladimir loves me!

As the Trade War between the US and China heats up, President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping are prepared to meet at the G20 Summit at Osaka Japan on June 28-29, 2019. However, if the issues remain unresolved, are they prepared to face off sumo style at the great wall of China per exclusive information obtain by air parodiesm obtain from ananonymous source at the white house? The two overweights are prepared for a tough and long battle. Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday to Melania Trump on April 26th! Artparodies decided to honor the first lady with a parody placing her into Gustav Klimt’s “Lady n Gold” (AKA “Woman in Gold”, which is a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Read more about the original painting at Wikipedia. I also added a gold pizza cake for her birthday. Hope she enjoys it.


For Christmas 2018, Trump is wearing different hats for three greetings from the White House:

  1. To make America great again: “I”m gonna get that 5 billions for my wall!”
  2. To Russia, Iran and Turkey: “We’re outta here. It’s all yours!”
  3. To Wall Street and Retirees: “It’s all Jerome’s fault and I can’t fire him.”

Happy Holidays… Hope that 2019 is a bit less hectic!


A new parody on Henri Rousseau’s painting of a Child with a Puppet with Putin and Trump as the models.

Here is another limerick that starts with:

There was a prez named Trump,
with ego the size of a trunk…

You can add your own finishing rhyme or read mine:

There was a prez named Trump,
with ego the size of a trunk.
For any unpleasant fact,
He’d simply fire back:
“The media, they lie like a skunk!”

Bye… have fun… until next time.


It’s done… Donald Trump is now the president of the United States!

Some (many?) people find it scary. In honor of the new 45th president, I have created this limerick:

Donald Trump as the Prez is a scare!
Make fun of his hair if you dare.
For if you should do
I’m sure he’ll sue you,
I ask if that really quite fair?


Happy New Year!

Reality is sinking in that Donald Trump is really our next president. No, it is not a nightmare. Hillary Clinton had started to celebrate too soon on November 8th. Hillary was not Superwoman and did not have the election sewed up as the polls predicted! Questions abound on how she lost a seemly easy victory. Was it the Russian hacking , or was it Jim Comey’s letter reopening the email investigation, or was it overconfidence in the “blue wall” in the rust belt, or was it “fake-news”, or was it “none of the above”? We will never know! Reality is that Trump is now the president-elect and will be inaugurated as the forty-fifth President of the United States on January 20, 2017!

Trump has done some flip-flopping since the election, which I think is good! However, a couple of habits he has not given up on is twitter and the use of belittling names. As a constant competitor, his honeymoon with Vladimir Putin might not last long. As my current post, My Horse is Yuge! points out, he may cross a “red line” by belittling Vladimir’s horse on twitter and mocking him for being shorter than “little Marco”. Only time will tell. Let’s hope not!

Wish President-elect Trump yuge success in “making American great again” in 2017 and beyond! May he prove his critics wrong!


With the agreement on a framework for the Iran Nuclear deal in Lausanne on April 2, 2015, we can now at least temporarily fill in the missing “Is Bibi correct? To be continued” panel from from Iran Nuclear negotiations parody follow up 2 from back in 2012. If you haven’t seen the three blog entries I had from back then, here are links to them:

On September 28, 2012, Bibi (Netanyahu) in his speech to the United Nations said, “That line, representing 90% of the way to making a warhead, would be reached “by next spring, at most by next summer”. Here, over two years later, the talks has prevented that line from being crossed. Moreover, the agreement is supposed to insure that the breakout time to develop a bomb is more than a year. The question remains, Can Iran be trusted? President Obama says, “If Iran cheats, the world will know”. The Republicans in the Senate may not agree. Will the Easter “egg” offered by Iran hatch into a dove (peace) or be still-born on June 30th? Or worse yet, be prematurely aborted by an over-eager Congress?


Oh happy days! I get to recycle my Obama vs. Romney fight poster a second time… this time it is recycled as Mitt Romney vs. Evander Holyfield fight parody. In case you haven’t heard, Mitt Romney will be stepping into the ring to fight Evander Holyfield on May 15th at the Union Pacific Depot in Salt Lake City. Really! It’s not an April fool’s joke! It’s for a good cause. For more information, check out the website at

After much speculation on whether President Obama would meet with President Putin of Russia at the D-Day commemoration, it turned out to be pretty much a non-event. They basically ignored each other during the formalities and later a a brief 10-15 minutes conversation later. In honor of this non-event, I have re-cycled my Obama vs. Romney parody with Putin replacing Mitt Romney. You remember Mitt don’t your?

Our Obama vs. Romney fight parody, Obama vs. Romney – the Promo was the favorite of the many fight parodies we did on the two presidential candidates. Too bad it will be another four year before our next comedy series.


With Donald Sterling making repeated claims that he is not a racist, I thought it would be fun to do a parody of the Marvel Comic book, MAGNETO – Not a Hero”. as STERLING – Not a Racist”, with obvious satire intended. However, it occurred to me that some people might think that I was really trying to defend Stering. so the parody ended up as “STERLING – Not a Hero” as a tribute to Magneto. You might also notice that Marvel is now Mars and V. Stiviano is now half-blue in Jennefer Lawraence’s Mystique body. Adam Silver (“Lifetime ban for Sterling”) NBA Commisioner looks on in disgust!

Who will win the bid for Masahiro Tanaka? The Yankees, Dodgers and Angels are said to be the leading contenders, but with at least five teams bidding for his services (Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, White Sox and D-Backs), who will win is anybody’s guess. One thing we know for sure, that is that he will be expensive!. He is said to have a wicked split-finger fastball. Our parody shows him a a ninja! Do you think that the winning team will let him suit up in his all-black uniform?


Senator Cruz and the tea party successfully shut down the governemt for 16 days at the cost of 24 billion dollars to our economy. Congratulations!

Who broke Congress? Senator Cruz, says, “Don’t blame me!”

Senator Ted Cruz reading Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham during his 21-hour “filibuster” was ironic since the unnamed creature in the story is adamant about not liking green eggs and ham. However, when Sam-I-am finally convinces him to actually try it, to his surprise, the creature really liked it! Should Senator Cruiz let the country try Obamacare prior to denouncing it?

The Tea Party declares Senator Ted Cruz a saint.


Another Mona Lisa parody. My second Beyonce Mona Lisa. This one is based on her poster from the Mrs. Carter World Tour.

Mona Lisa as the blind Lady Justice has a lot to consider in the Supreme Court’s decisions in June, 2013. Are the member of the court cuckoo or superheroes? We have resurrected of our parodies of the Robert’s court based on Marc Chagall’s The Juggler and the SCOTUS as members of the Avengers.


With the NRA lobby’s iron grip on Congress regarding the gun control issue, they deserve a new logo! It is a bloody grip due to all the massacres that are occurring due to our lack of adequate gun control laws.

My video on YouTube is a parody on “NRA Kills Gun Control”. You are free to draw your own conclusions on the on-going debate on gun control. The latest gun killings in school happened on June 7th, at Santa Ana College.


I don’t recall seeing Danica Patrict as Mona Lisa? Let’s correct that now! Art Parodies presents, Danica Patrict, the world’s fastest girl, oops… the world’s fastest woman racer as Mona Lisa. Leonardo da Vinci would be honored to be parodied with such a competitive spirit!

Posted my version of Obama Gangnam Style on Youtube. The video was created using the my image of Obama in the template at the Fun & Games

The fiscal cliff saga is finally entering it final stages. Our fiscal cliff parody shows what will happen if congress fails in its last push for compromise.

The burdon on avoiding the fiscal cliff falls on the Senate elves (Harry Reid & Mitch McConnell) working overtime after Christmas. Can they compromise by Sunday, get both the Senate and House to approve it to be signed by President Obama by January 1st. Advice: Don’t hold your breath!

Time for some Christmas fantasy… Santa Claus rescues President Obama and House Speaker Boehner from the fiscal cliff by catching the falling car using his flying reindeers and sled. It’s not going to happen at Christmas, but let’s hope they do avoid the fiscal cliff before the end of the year!

President Obama as Santa Claus leaves some lumps of coal in the Christmas stockings for the Grinches (you know who you are!)

Note: I am archiving previous animated GIF of Obama and Boehner driving off the fiscal cliff since the Fiscal Cliff Christmas Fantasy above contains all of the content with a Christmas theme. You can see see the previous animation in the Political Galllery. The negotiations for a compromise on avoiding the financial cliff has run into a slippery slope with John Boehner insisting on his Plan B instead of continuing the dialog with President Obama. Boehner’s attempt to get the GOP House to pass Plan B for strictly PR purposes ran into a snag when his conservative House Republicans wouldn’t go along with passing a rate increase for the millionaires!

With all the talk about going over the fiscal cliff, I decided to do a parody of Obama and Boehner driving over the fiscal cliff ala Thela and Louise. Original animated GIF at 950×410 with lots of tweening was over 9 megabytes. It looked good, but had to remove almost all the tweening and cut the size to 500×245 in order to get the size down to 668 KBytes. The size of the 225×110 thumbnail

146 KBytes. My apologies if the download time is too slow for you!


Switching from the election and politics to celebrities. Kristen Steward certainly is a beautiful vampire! I made two attempts to capture the beauty as Bella Swan… or should I say Bella Cullen as a vampire.

With the Kristen Stewart as Mona Lisa parody, I have started a new free wallpaper service on my Downloads page. I plan to add more downloads in the future and improve the method of downloading to improve the user experience. Let me know if there are previous parodies that you would like to see as wallpapers. Enjoy!

President Obama wins the 2012 election. My parody showing Obama crossing the finish line is based on a couple of photographs of Meb Keflezighi wining the 2009 NY City marathon. Congratulations to the president who won a hard fought battle against Mitt Romney!

With the voting scheduled for November 6th, we have come down to the moment of truth…since President Obama won the 2012 election I’m leaving only the parody of Obama biting the POTUS gold medal and removing the one of Mitt Romney. Sorry, it was a good battle, but there can only be one gold medal winner! However, This time he ironically endorses almost all of President Obama major foreign policies positions. For this Halloween special, I show Romney as the DC Comics’ hero, Plastic Man.

I have re-cycled my The Real Mitt Romney April Fool’s Joke of 4/1/2012 into an animated GIF to show that Romney’s morphing into Obama and continuing to unzip to reveal ET.

Who won the presidential debate overall? Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama? We will cover that in our next post. In the meantime you can enjoy our ‘Who won the presidential debate parody, which is really a recycled Louis XIV parody with the background changed to the debates background plus the Seal of the President of the United States. Being green saves a lot of Photoshopping time!

A clear choice on November 6th… Which reincarnation of Louis XIV do you want ruling you for the next four years???

Both candidates prepare for the third and final debate… it is clutch time… like the classic samurai duel! The winner will probably win the whole bag of marbles on November sixth!

Romney scored a clear victory at the first presidential debate. Our parody is based on a file photo from on the Ali-Frazier fight. In our parody Romney scores a right to Obama’s belly with referee Jim Lehrer looking on. See my post, Obama-Romney Debate – Round 1 Score.

you can still see the parody of Romney biting the POTUS gold medal in the Political Gallery where it will be kept for historical purposes.

Mitt Romney’s third debate performance highlighted his uncanny ability to smoothly etch-a-sketch into new positions.For additional information on the above topics on other websites, see the Other Resources page.


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