A Donald Sterling Parody

Donald Sterling as Super Villain Magneto

Obama biting gold POTUS medal

With the shocking release of the Donald Sterling audio tape by TMZ, I decided to do a parody on the Marvel Comic’s “Magneto – Not a Hero” super villain with Donald Sterling as Magneto. V. Stiviano is the blue Mystique (in Jennifer Lawrence’s body). The heckling third party in the parody is Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, telling Sterling that about his lifetime band and imposed the 2.5 million dollar fine.

Sterling’s apology on the Anderson Cooper show started out according to script, but once he got started on Magic Johnson, he became emotional and ended up blaming V. Stiviano for bating him and slamming Magic Johnson for deliberately misleading him. He also attacked Magic’s character and his battle with HIV.

Sterling refuses to pay fine and threatens to sue the NBA. Parody aside, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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Megneto - Not a Hero Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

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