A Parody on Guns Dont Kill People

Don’t Let the NRA Control your Senators

A parody onGuns Kill People YouTube Video

I have completed my class project at Santa Ana College on computer animation using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. It was an enjoyable, but time-consuming experience. I plan to use what I have learned in my future parodies. The final video is posted on YouTube.

I went through several titles during the development of the video and finally settled on “Guns Don’t Kill People”. It is a parody on NRA’s trite arguement that divert the attention from the real issue: preventing guns, especially assault weapons, from getting into the hands of killers.

The video shows the two protest signs that CodePink had used during the Wayne LaPierre NRA speech after the Newtown massacre: (1) “NRA Blood on Your Hands” and (2) “NRA Killing Our Kids”. The NRA lobby had pressured the Senators during the vote on the bipartisan (Manchin-Toomey) proposal in the Senate on April 17th. The Senators who voted “No” on that compromise gun control proposal are listed on the June 3rd article in the Huff Post Politics secion of the Huffington Post website along with their twitter handle. Please go to that website and click on the hotlinks to twitter to let the Senators know that they should be representing you the voter and not the NRA and gun manufactures!

Note: this post have been updated on 6/24/2013 to link to the latest updated version of the youtube video.

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