A Parody on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Obamacare

Prior to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (to be referred to in the rest of this post as Obamacare, originally used by the Republican party, as a derogatory tern, but now appears to have lost it the original negative connotation), I was prepared to create a parody on the SCOTUS based on placing their likness on Marvel’s “The Avengers” movie poster. The parody was to be named, “The Activists”.

the avengers/supreme court of the united states parodyLike everyone else, I was surprised to hear the SCOTUS ruling, whereby most of the provision of the Obamacare were upheld with the key provision on mandatory requirement being decided by Chief Justice Roberts based on his interpretation of the requirement as a “tax”.

Unfortunately, I was busy at that time since I do have a day job! Now that I finally have some free time, I decided to complete the Avengers/SOCTUS parody as shown on this page with the following substitutions:

  • The hulk: John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States
  • The Wasp: Elena Kagan, Associate Justice
  • Nick Fury: Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice
  • Thor: Anthony M. Kennedy, Associate Justice
  • Captain America: Stephen G. Breyer, Associate Justice
  • Iron man: Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice
  • Hawkeye: Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr., Associate Justice
  • Black Widow: Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice
  • Sue Storm: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice

The original Avenger’s poster that I used as the basis of my parody was created by Esto Garzo. You can find other works by Esto at Esto’s page at deviantart.com

the avengers/supreme court of the united states parody
The selection of which justice to replace which avenger was basically decided by (1) gender and (2) facial characteristics. I did not attempt to match them by judicial leanings nor superhero powers… it would have been too difficult to come up with a good 1 to 1 match on that score! You might have noticed that I replaced Agent Phil Coulson with Sue Storm (AKA Invisible Girl). Although, Sue was not in this Avenger’s movie, she is part of the Marvel super heroes and did occasionally team up with the Avengers. I initially tried transferring Ruth Ginsberg’s head on to Pepper Potts, but could not do a convincing job. Interesting, I tried former justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, as Pepper and thought that it looked okay in spite of the great discrepancy in age. I did apply a “hair dye” to O’Connor’s hair in order to have it blend into Pepper’s hair.

I was not able to determine who the photographer was for the picture I used to create the parody. One of the website displaying the photo is marvelsuperstars.wordpress.com

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