Beyonce as Mona Lisa

Beyonce Electrofying during Superbowl Halftime Performance

A classy lady in a classic pose

To say that Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl was electrofying is an understatement! If you haven’t see the performance you can catch it on YouTube. Or you can see some high quality close-up photos of the performance at Rough Cut: A raw edit from Beyonce Super Bowl half-time show.

A Classy Lady

Back in 2009, at the MTV Movie Awards, Taylor Swift won Best Female Video for “You Belong With Me” and was making her acceptance speech when Kanye West interrupted her. He announced that Beyonce should have won that award and left an embarrassed Taylor on the floor.

Later that evening, when Beyonce won the Best Video Award for “Single Ladies”, she invited Taylor up to finish her acceptance speech. You can read the details on the webpage at First Impressions. A classy act by a classy lady? You betchum! My parody of Beyonce as Mona Lisa is a classy lady in a classic pose!

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