Boehner Rescues the Fiscal Cliff Bill

Boehner’s Act of Courage

John Boehner is Superman

John Boehner as Superman? You Betchum! Allowing the up-or-down vote in the House, despite a revolt by his conservative caucus, took a rare act of courage. Kudos to Boehner! My apologies to Boehner for previously parodying him as the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Thanks to the Biden ==> Boehner heavy lifting, the fiscal cliff is resolved for now. Of course in a couple of months, we have the next “game of chicken” with the budget limit!

Immediately after the House passed the fiscal cliff bill, there were speculations that Boehner’s act might be the end of his speakership in the House. However, Boehner did manage to get re-elected as Speaker of the the House, although in a humiliating fashion.

Paul Krugman, in the New York Times Opinion page expresses concern about the upcoming debt limit battle in a few weeks. Likewise, John Whitesides of Reutgers declares that the Budget battles threaten to limit Obama’s second-term agenda.

The Fiscal Cliff is dead! Long live the Fiscal Cliff!

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