Boehner’s Plan B Failure

Boehner is Mr. Grinch 2012

Boehner and the GPO as the Grinch for Christmas 2012

“Christmas doesn’t come from a ‘spin’, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more….”. A parody on Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Somehow, it is poetic justice that it was the rebellion by his own party’s conservative ranks that caused John Boehner to abort placing his Plan B to a vote in the House. To stop the negotiation process and attempt to unilaterally ram though his Plan B though the House for the purpose of spin was in bad faith. He knew that the Democrats and Obama would not agree to Plan B in its current form.

So Boehner has recessed the House until December 26th. Yes Virginia there will not be a fiscal cliff compromise in your stocking this Christmas. Mr. Grinch is leaving a lump of coal instead.

Since Boehner was the first to leave the negotiation to push his own agenda with Plan B, he is my nomination for Mr. Grinch, 2012. Actually, to be fair, it was the GOP converatives that were little grinches, but as Speaker of the House, Boehner is the face of the GOP whether they are in agreement or not!

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