Captions Added to Previous Parodies

While googling some of the other parodies on the Internet, I came across a treasure trove of humorous parodies at Funniest Political Pictures of All Time. While I’m not sure how much the addition of captions would aid in the parodies previously done on this site, in a burst of enthusiasm, I added some captions to a number of our recent parodies.

Here are the parodies on which I added captions:

Romney consoling Gingrich parody Tebow parody romney goliath parody Limbaugh vs Fluke parody Suu Kyi Mona Lisa

Click on the above icons to see the full-sized images with their newly added captions. Hopefully, they’re a little more interesting with the captions. I’ll add more in the future, but these represent my first attempt to clarify my thoughts.


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