Parodies on Celebrities

A parody on Sterling as Magneto Mas Miley Cyrus as Mona Lisa Beyonce as Mona Lisa 2 Danica Patrick as Mona Lisa Beyonce as Mona Lisa Is Bella Swan-Cullen the latest Bond Girl? 007 and Bella share a tender moment in Skyfall-Breaking Dawn Part 2 weekend boxoffice Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn Part II in the Twilight Saga Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan Vampire in Breaking Dawn Part II in the Twilight Saga Madonna and Obama Lolo Jones tebowing parody Rembrandt parody Tiger Woods parody palin parody Lawrence Mona Lisa lady gaga parody lady gaga parody as an alien Angelina Jolie parody jeremy lin parody taulouse-lautrec parody Adele parody Botticelli parody Tim Tebow parody Botticelli parody Tim Tebow parody Botticelli parody Tebow parody

Our delebrities gallery turns into a hall of shame with week with the addtion of “STERLING – Not a Hero”, a parody on “MAGNETO – Not a Hero” of Marvel Comics fame.

Welcome to American MLB, Masahiro Tanaka! You are about to become an instant multi-millionaire. I hope that the team that you choose will get their money’s worth.

Miley Cyrus did indeed twerk herself into MTV VMA history.

This is my second attempt at a Mona Lisa parody on Beyonce. I wa never happy with my first attempt. This one turned out much better!

Danica Patrict has just become the first woman to win the pole position for the Daytona 500 and could care less about being portrayed as Mona Lisa. For what it’s worth, here is Patrick as Mona Lisa anywhay. Congratulations to Patrick for being the world’s fastest woman driver!

Beyonce as Mona Lisa, a classy lady in a classic pose

My paparazzi (i.e. Photoshop) has been busy hunting down the latest celebrities’ scandals. What is this? Kristen Stewart in the arms of Daniel Craig? Rumor has it that they were caught sharing a tender moment between the busy showings of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Skyfall during these hectic weekend showings. The “paparazzi” gave me two “photos” to prove it!

Time to forget politics and get back to celebrities. What better than doing a Mona Lisa parody using Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in the blockbuster, Breaking Dawn Part II… the final movie in the Twilight Saga. Both parodies are supposed to represent Bella as a vampire, but in the second parody, I made Bella’s skin a colder bone-white vampirish skin. Not sure which works better?

Perhaps, I should have named this the Rock Stars or Movie Stars or Sports Stars gallery. In our newest addition, we show Madonna with President Obama on stage, doing a high stepping dance routine. For more information, see our post on Madonna Endorses Obama.

Our previous addition to the celebrities parodies gallery was Lolo Jones who is currently competing in the 2012 London Olympics. No… she did not actually do a tebow at the Olympics… read how the parody was created in my “Lolo Jones Tebowing?” post in the Celebrities blog section.

Tiger Woods is back as the prodigal son as depicted in a drawing by Rembrandt.

Jennefer Lawrence who is Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games It’s a deadly serious game so you won’t see the famous Mona Lisa smile here. Nevertheless, she is lovely to look at!

In our series of Mona Lisa’s, we have added Jennefer Lawrence who is Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games It’s a deadly serious game so you won’t see the famous Mona Lisa smile here. Nevertheless, she is lovely to look at!

I enjoyed Lady Gaga’s recent Monster Ball concert at the Honda Center here in Anaheim, CA. The first parody was done before the concert. The second one is Lady Gaga as an “alien”. I chose to do a parody on Angelina Jolie since she is so photogenic. It is impossible to do a bad parody on her no matter what the subject is. In both cases I chose to do parodies on Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, probably the most parodied painting in the world.

Speaking of parodies on Mona Lisa, you might enjoy the acrylic painting that Nanci Schrieber-Smith did of Michael Jackson as Mona Lisa back in 1994. Also, her oil painting of The “Good” Sheperd is a political parody that comes with the description, “Whether on the road to Damascus or the road to democracy, the wake of death left behind questions the ambivalence of god’s power of life and death, and whether or not this shepherd is protective. From the Neo-Mythology Series.” I took a painting class from Nanci at Santiago Canyon College last year. Great artist and teacher!

With Adele winning all those grammys I felt that I had to do a parody of her on a famous painting. What painting would be more appropriate Toulouse-Lautrec’s painting “La Goulue arrivant au Moulin Rouge”?

The sports section features the parodies of Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Denver Broncos who almost had a Cinderella season. The first three parodies are based on paintings by Sandro Botticelli: (1) Santa Maria Novella (fresco), (2) St. Jerome in Penitence and (3) Annunciation. The fourth is a parody on “Where is Cinderella…” which is located on the Deviantart.com website. In my parody, the “big guy” is telling Tebow, “Not this season… maybe next year?” The new media frenzy has moved to the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin. He is shown here as spiderman. Will “Linsanity” enable couch D’Antoni to get the Knicks into the playoff and the championship series or will Lin’s Cinderella story come to an early end? Let’s wait and see!