Clint Eastwood RNC Mystery Speaker

Clint Eastwood talks to an empty chair

Clint Eastwood is the RNC mystery speaker
Several days ago, rumor were rampart on whom the RNC mystery speaker would be. Typical blogs, such as Business Insider Politics speculated that it could be Clint Eastwood, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Tim Tebow, Joe Lieberman, Colin Powell or Gen. Stanley McChrystal. However, like most “secrets” these days, it was reported a couple of days ago by Guy Benson that Clint Eastwood headed to Tampa for RNC.

Prior to the actual introduction of Clint, Huffington Post and others had already announced that Clint was indeed the mystery speaker. If you had been paying close attention to the pictures of Romney with the shopping cart several weeks ago, you would have noticed that loaded in his cart was not only Clint, but also the chair that Clint would use as a prop! (see the exclusive picture by on the right)

According to CBS News on the celebrity circuit, Celebs reacted on Twitter “with plenty of bad reviews”. was positive in its reaction, Clint Eastwood speech thrills at Republican National Convention. You can see a copy of the video at Huff Post Entertainment’s Clint Eastwood Speech: Movie Star Talks To An Empty Chair (VIDEO). You be the judge!

BTW, that shopping cart parody has been recycled a couple of times. I happen to like that image.

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