Danica Patrick Mona Lisa

Patrick the First Woman to Win Daytona 500 Poll Position

Danica Patrick crashes the glass ceiling at Daytona 500

Most people don’t realize how gruelling the sport of NASCAR racing is. What does it take to win the poll position at the Daytona 500? The News video at ABC features, “Danica Patrick Points to Hard Work(outs) in Daytona 500”.

Leonardo da Vinci would be proud to have Patrick as his Mona Lisa since da Vinci admired the human spirit and what can be accomplished if you put your mind to it.

When I was working on the parody, I was surprised at how big Patrick’s helmet was relative to the size of her own head. The NASCAR website says that helmet choices are based on safety, than preferences. If Patrick should ever get into an accident, I sure hope that the helmet does the job keeping her from serious injury.

You can find out more about Patrick at her official website. Hey, if she keeps on breaking the glass ceilings in racing, I might just be tempted to change my Internet provider to Godaddy… just kidding!

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