Fiscal Cliff Final Battle?

Senate Passed Fiscal Cliff Bill

Superheroes (?) in congress working to avoid the fiscal cliff

Part 8: Working a couple of hours into the new year, the Senate passed a fiscal cliff bill by a lopsided 89-8 vote. The House is expected to vote on the measure later this afternoon (1/1/2013). In the article by By Lisa Mascaro, Kathleen Hennessey and Michael A. Memoli in the L.A. Times, the authors felt that President Obama paid a heavy price to gain this victory due to the unresolved debt ceiling limit. There were some displeasure expressed by both the both sides of the aisle, including the AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, who tweeted his displeasure.

To celebrate the progress so far, I have redone the fiscal cliff superheroes animated GIF to remove some of the chaos in the sequence of the images. I hope that you find this version a bit more organized. It is a challenge to create a animated GIF that has a smooth progression due to the file-size limitations.

In the previous animated GIF, Harry Reid was Captain America and Biden was Thor; however, during the last day of negotiations, Joe Biden was instrumental in cutting the deal with Mitch McConnell (Bathman), so I switched the positions of Reid and Biden in the revised animated GIF. The players in the order of their appearances (randomly selected):

  • Insert 1: Pelosi – Bachmann
  • Insert 2: Reid – Boehner
  • Insert 3 bottom: Biden – McConnell
  • Insert 3 top: Norquist – Obama
  • Insert 4: Eric Cantor, Dave Camp, Tom Cole, Bob Corker, Patty Murray and Lindsey Graham

Insert 4 is quite chaotic… good luck in locating the above named players!

As I go to press on this post, Janet Hook, Corey Boles and Siobhan Hughes provide details in the Wall Street Journal as the focus moves to the House. Will Boehner allow the vote and will it pass a bipartisan House? Welcome to the next chapter in this “cliff-hanger”!

Meanwhile, those of us in sunny Southern California will enjoy the traditional Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena in a comfortable 46 – 59 degrees F weather.

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