Fun and Games

This webpage features some old Flash animations I created over six years ago using Adobe Action Script.  I have since lost the original .FLA files so I am unable to modify them any further.  I hope that they download correctly to your computer and behave as I had originally intended them to entertain:
  • A parody on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It!” in which you can control the dance movements of the character A.  When the media first loads, the song starts, but the character A is stationary with only the fireflies moving.  In order to enjoy the animation, you need to play with the interactive menu.  The directions are given in the text of the menu.  I suggest you originally set the Dance Selection drop-down selection to “Random” and the Movement Control drop-down selection to “Automatic Movement” and Click the left arrow on your keyboard several times to make the Control Panel (under Transparency/Size) transparent enough to see through and the down arrow several time to reduce the size of the Control Panel so that it doesn’t take too much of the screen.  After that you can play with the rest of the menu options to see the many changes you can make to the dancing A and controls. The song will repeat as long as you stay on the page.
  • A game called “Merry Grinchmas” which is a simple variation of the card memory game where you eliminate the cards based on matching pairs.  In this game you have homes with smoking chimneys.  The game has a username and password.  you can use any name.  You are guaranteed to guess the password on the second try… if not, your mom did not bring you up right.  The game is timed and if you get the best time you get a the Grand Prize; otherwise, you get a Boogie Prize.  Unfortunately, I did not get a change to create more than one Grand Prize and Boogie Prize, so it might not be challenging to try more than a couple of times.