Gun Control Bill Defeated in Senate

A Parody on Guns Don’t Kill People

A parody on NRA Kills Gun Control YouTube VideoI have updated this post to reflect the URL of the revised YouTube video and the new name, “A parody on NRA Kills Gun Control” at the YouTube website.

Shame on the Senate

After months of wrangling over the issue of how to reduce the type of massacres, the US Senate came up with a bipartisan bill to expand the requirements for background checks. Yesterday, the bill was defeated by a vote of 54 for the bill vs. 46 against. Unfortunately, it requires 60 votes in order to overcome a filibuster. If the polls that show that 90% of the people are for expanding background checks, something is wrong! One of the many blogs regarding this outrage can be read on the Washington website, Obama and Giffords shame the Senate. According to the Huffington Post, Obama, Gun Control Backers say that the Senate Defeat Won’t Stop Us.

If you care about the issue and disagree with your Senators, let know your opinion by sending them messages via USA.GOV. It only takes a few minutes of your time to get our government to listen to the voices of the people!

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Note: this post have been modified on 6/24/2013 to link to the latest update of the youtube video.

Note: Originally posted on 4/18/2013 and updated on 6/2/2013
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