Joe Biden to the Rescue!

Captain America (Joe Biden) Vows to Save the World

Joe Biden as Captain America

Part 9: A determined Captain America (AKA Joe Biden) says, “It’s time to save the world.” And how does he plan to do it? “We’re going to find every available hero,” he continues. Well, if he is thinking of finding enough heroes in the House of congress, good luck!

House Democrats Press for Vote, but Republicans Waver on Compromise according to the Wall Street Journel’s website.

The Hunffington Post website is advertosomg Fiscal Cliff News: Live Updates On Congress, White House Negotiations

John Boehner is offering GOP two choices, either ammend the bill (if they can come up with 218 votes) and send it back to the Semate or else, bring the Senate-passed measure for an up-or-down vote in the House. It is already past 8 PM EST. I wonder how long the House is planning to “work”? According to Real Clear Politics (RTC) poll average Congressional Job Approval rating during the 11/25 to 12/17 period was 18.0% Approve and 75.4% Disapprove. It will become a lot worse if they fail to do something to resolve the fiscal cliff problem soon.

Okay, I’ll admit that this Joe Biden as Captain America parody is way over-the-top… there is no way that he will be able to prod the GOP in the House into action like Captain America would be able to do! But, we can always hope!

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