Lolo Jones Tebowing?

I’ll confess up front. That “photo” of Lolo Jones doing the tebow is a fake… a parody! She is one of the most talked about athlete at the Olympic due to her tweeting that she is still a virgin. If you are not aware of here story, you can read all about it on the web at“U.S. Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones Is the Female Tim Tebow”.

parody of lolo doing the tebow

According to the Christian Post, Lolo Jones Wants to Ask Tim Tebow on a Church Date?

Eric Holden, in the Yahoo! Contributor Network, feels that Lolo Jones Uses Tim Tebow’s Name to Boost Her Marketability: Fan’s View. He claims that Dawn Harper is a better 100-meters hurdler. In any case, we shall be finding out soon.

Oh yeah! About my fake “photo”. The parody of Lolo doing the tebow (or “lobow” as suggested by some), was Photoshopped using a dozen different photos with only one body part imported from a different woman. Some of the photos had very low resolution, so it was difficult to make the final composite look real. I hope that you enjoy it anyway!

Do you think that Lolo might actually do the tebow at the Olympic? If she did, can you image the feeding frenzy it would generate with all the paparazzis trying to take her picture? If she doesn’t, you still have my Photoshopped version!

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