LVM21 Parodies

Botticelli's Birth of Venus Botticelli's Birth of Venus parody Botticelli/Venus - 2005 Final Poster Congress et al - babel revisited bachmann & Romney - american gothic botticelli primavera chagall birthday chagall birthday chagall birthday seurat la grande jette seurat la grande jette - LVM 2008 Poster chagall birthday Matisse The Red Room Matisse The Red Room Matisse The Red Room Hans Holbein - Portrait of Gisze original Hans Holbein - Portrait of Gisze parody with Lefty Flash wood am gothic HenriacRousseauSurprise original  Henri.Rousseau.Surprise parody with Albert titian venus urbino original titian venus urbino  parody with Angie van Gogh Havest original vanGogh parody with Angie & Hill

The LVM21 club members are the best bunch of marathoners and half-marathoners you will ever meet. We started this club in 2005 to run 21 straight Las Vegas marathons. Unfortunately, I am no long “on track”. Kudos to the ones still on track!

Anyways, the message board is where I started to do these parodies just for fun. I did the posters shown above for the first five years, but have since fallen off the wagon. Angie, the president of the club, and “Lefty Flash” have been the target of most of my parodies. I appreciate the fact that they have been a good sports about all the visual ribbing! I’ll add more to this gallery as I find time to dig up the old parodies from my archives.