Mona Lisa Parodies

Having created several parodies on my art parodies website based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, I recently got the bug to do a google search on Mona Lisa’s parodies to see how I was doing. Hmmm… not too well. Disappointed, but not completely unexpected since the Mona Lisa is one of the most parodied paintings in history.

After checking out some of the top links, I saw why they were popular. There were some fascinating Mona Lisa parodies on these websites. And then it dawned on me that rather than being creations by the author of these websites, some of these websites were actually collections of Mona Lisa parodies from other websites. Since I do not know which of these websites are the original creators of the Mona Lisa, I’ll just provide a link to the ones that I liked and let you the reader decide:

After seeing the rich and varied Mona Lisa parodies on the above list, my own creations seem a little boring, but for what they are worth, here they are (click on the images to pages with links to large images):

Palin parody lady gaga - mona lisa Angelina Jolie parody



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