Newt Gingrich Surge

classic poster With Newt Gingrich steadily rising in the polls, I felt obligated to do a parody on Newt, but which painting to choose? At first I considered one of Velázquez portraits of a nobleman with white ruffle collar would be fun. How about Duke (John Wayne) who was a Republican? hohn trumbull's portrait of george washington After some investigation I found out that Newt like the Last of the Mohicans. Substituting his face on the poster is a possibility. Then I came across Thomas Nash portrait of Newt with the Washington monument in the background. Hey, instead of placing Newt’s face on a painting, it would be neat to place a teaparty-like clothes, say George Washington’s military uniform, on Newt’s portrait! Newt Gingrich parody While I love John Trumbull’s style of painting, I thought that the having Newt in Washington’s military attire with the Washington monument in the background was appropriate.

I found the following article by Nate Silver interesting: Gingrich Rises in Polls But Has Major Obstacles to Nomination.

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