NRA Kills Gun Control

HEATED: Fox Bob Beckel to NRA: ‘Next Time a Nut Kills People, You’ll Have Blood on Your Hands’

NRA kills gun control youtube video

The subtitle, “HEATED: Fox Bob Beckel to NRA: ‘Next Time a Nut Kills People, You’ll Have Blood on Your Hands’, is not mine. It is the title of a Youtube video, posted about a month ago. For some reason, it made me think about the famous quote, “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings”, in the classic 1946 movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. If you have not seen the movie or just want to refresh your memory, a short clip on YouTube contains the iconic scene from that movie. Only, in this case, “blood on your hands” conjures an image of Lady Macbeth trying to wash the blood off her hands in her sleepwalk.

parody on NRA's logo
The latest nut to kill people was at Santa Monica College on June 7th. Extensive detailed photos of the victims, shooter and weapons used are shown on the Daily Mail website by James NYE and Associated Press.

“NRA Killing Our Kids”

You can see the original “NRA Killing Our Kids” and “NRA Blood on Your Hands” CodePink protest posters on the YouTube video from WPLNews.

This is my updated version of this video. The video has a new title, “NRA Kills Gun Control”. You can see the video at

For hotlinks to the twitter handles of the Senators who voted “No” on the compromise bipartisan Manchin-Tooney bill, go to

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Note: this post was updated on 6/24/2013.

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