Obama and Boehner Compromise on Fiscal Cliff

The Game of “Chicken” Goes On

Obama & Boehner als Thelma & Louise

Kids know that there are only thirteen days until Christmas. The nation knows that there are only twenty days until the fiscal cliff and the possible start of a new recession.

Although President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner met on Sunday, Boehner in his report on the House floor on Monday accused the president of stalling negotiations because he did not propose enough spending cuts. Judging by the video of Boehner on the article by USA Today’s report, I would judge that not progress was made on their meeting although Boehner described the meeting as “cordial”.

Seems that most of the publicity has focus on the GOP’s resistance to raising the tax rate on the wealthy. Of course, there is also the matter of cutting back on entitlements and the budget ceiling yet to be determined.

Those that has been paying attention know that the 112th Congress’ House was scheduled to adjoun on December 14th this year. However, Majority Leader, Eric Cantor says that the House will not adjourn 112 Congress until a credible solution to the fiscal cliff has been found. Good lunk!

If we believe Saturday Night Live’s parody on the negotiations, Obama will cave in on his tax demands! Does Cantor know something we don’t?

This post may be Part 1 of several parts. Unlike the Presidential Election in which we ended up with 15 paqrody pards, there is not enough time for many more parodies to be coming. Or maybe not?

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