Obama is Santa Claus

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Obama as Santa Claus for Christmas 2012

He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!
. Lyrics from Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It’s Christmas Eve in Anaheim, California, and some showers are predicted for this AM with a high of 64 degrees F. For once, I wish it was cold enough to snow (for two days only). The crowds are packing into Disneyland and all is right with the world! Or is it? Oh yeah… There is the looming fiscal cliff issue that is still unresolved! Economists and the CBO warn us that the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Would Send Economy Back Into Recession.

The House has gone into recess until after Christmas. This occurred after Speaker Boehner failed to get enough GOP votes on his Plan B to pass it. The dysfunctional GOP House members should expect some lumps of coal in their stockings this Christmas.

According to The Christian Science Monitor’s article, the current price for a partridge in a pear tree is $204.99 (note: for all twelve days of Christmas the grand total is about $107,300). Per Amazon.com one Official “Good Old Fashioned” Lump Of Coal for naughty kids has a sale price of $2.95. However on the open market, you could get a ton of coal for $200 ~ $300. I suspect that Obama would love to dump a ton of coal on Rush Limbaugh’s driveway on Christmas morning as revenge for Limbaugh’s Baracka Claus Is Coming To Town! – Song Parody.

BTW, I initially had the Santa Claus link from the subtitle link to the Official NORAD Santa Tracker and later, when I found how much fun it was to dig interactively deeper into the Google Santa Claus tracker, I changed the link to the games (three different ones) sub folder within the tracker. If you dig deeper into the Google tracker, there is also a cellphone size animation of Santa flying over the 3D image of the earth’s surface. Really cool! There are probably still more undiscovered inter=activities and links on the Google tracker. The article on the WashingtonPostcom website explains the difference between the NORAD’s and the Google trackers.

Happy Holidays!

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