Obama-Romney Debate

Obama-Romney Debate

Obama-Romney Debate Prep
On September 29th, CBS EVENING NEWS featured an article by Chip Reid on the
Obama, Romney prep for debate showdown. Mr. Reid reported that ‘President Obama and Mitt Romney were hunkered down Saturday, cramming for next week’s debate showdown. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, is playing Romney in practice sessions with the president. Ohio Senator Rob Portman is playing Obama in debate prep with Romney, reprising a role he played for John McCain in 2008.’

We decided to do a parody showing the outcome of this cramming session. The result is shown on above. Obviously, Portman and Kerry did a excellent job of role-playing as ‘Obama’ and ‘Romney’ respectively. In fact, both fighters look like they might have ‘peaked’ too early. If I were a reporter, I would be careful about asking either candidate a ‘challenging’ question between now and October 3rd!

The debate is schedule to take place on October 3rd at the Magness Arena, University of Denver, Denver, CO. The moderator will be Jim Lehrer (Host of NewsHour on PBS). According to 2012 Election Central, ‘The debate will focus on domestic policy and be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on topics to be selected by the moderator and announced several weeks before the debate.

The moderator will open each segment with a question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a discussion of the topic.’

If you would like to see the rest of the 2012 Presidential Debate Schedule and topic details, check the 2012 Election Central website.

What’s at Stake?

This is a battle for the POTUS (President of the United States). The POTUS belt is currently held by #44 Barack Obama.

If you are a betting man (or woman), you can get the latest Las Vegas odds at 2012 United States Presidential Election Betting Odds. Good luck!!!

BTW, the parody is based on a photo posted on a blog at fightlinker.com.

Romney vs. Obama Parody Series – A recap of the first three posts

Obama vs. Romey fight promo Romeny-Obama weigh-in overweight Romeny-Obama weigh-in lean and mean … continued below:

Part 1 (May 14, 2012): in our original Obama vs. Romney Parody we highlighted our parody on the upcoming November 6th fight (i.e. election) with a poster that featured the challenger, Mitt Romney, and the defending POTUS champion, Barach Obama, as they posed in their battle gear (i.e. trunks).

Part 2 (August 4, 2012): the two fighters showed up for their preliminary weigh-in in Obama vs. Romney Parody – Part 2 obviously out-of-shape and overweight for the upcoming battle; however, they would have made great sumo wrestlers.

Part 3 (September 19, 2012): the fighters show up for their final weigh-in in much leaner-and-meaner shape in Obama vs. Romney Parody – Part 3. In this parody, Obama is showing off his POTUS belt (pictured at the bottom of this post) while their trainers, Paul Ryan and Joe Biden, can be seen waving and shouting at each other. The ever-calm refree, John Roberts (chief justice of SCOTUS), is seen smiling at the fighters.

The series now proceeds with the post below, Obama-Romney Debate, which is Part 4 in the series.

Romney-Obama final weigh-in

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