Obama vs. Romney Parody – Part 10

Will the Real Louis XIV Please Stand Up?

Obama-Romney Louis XIV

Right after the tird and final presidential debate, Karl Rove claimed on FoxNews.com that Romney presented himself as commander in chief and Obama came off as Louis XIV. He described Obama performance as “a little pompous. Like Louis XIV masquerading as the President of the United States.”

Laura Gottesdiener at AlterNet heartily disagrees. In The 5 Goofiest Right-Wing Defenses of Romney’s Terrible Debate Performance, she answers, “King Louis XIV-Obama?… not really.” In her article, she describes four other areas where she believes the right have “goofy” defenses.

On her post at Newshound, Ellen mocks Greta Van Susteren for presenting Karl Rove as a “neutral” debate analyst.

At Lucianne.com, her users give their heavily bias opinions on Carl Rove’s premise.

For some historical reference, you can read all about Louis XIV of France on Wikipedia. On that webpage you can see the painting of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1701) on which our parody is based. Maybe both candidates kind-of resembles Louis XIV? You decide on the winner!

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