Obama vs. Romney Parody – Part 13

Romney Plastic Man

Mitt Romney parody Two parodies for Mitt Romney for his Halloween costume may be a bit much, but I couldn’t resist the chance to use Part 13 on Halloween.

Who would be the ideal super-hero for an etch-a-sketch expert? Why none other than DC Comics’ Plastic Man! You can buy The Complete Set of his four discs containing 36 episodes for only $12.03 at Amazon.com. My parody replaces the four discs with four E-A-S (i.e. etch-a-sketch) and of course places Romney’s handsome cartoon face on Plastic Man. A tip: If Plastic Man comes to your door treat-or-treating tonight, be sure to donate a lot of candy because he just might be the next POTUS!.

Happy Halloween!

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