Obama vs. Romney Parody – Part 15

President Obama Wins a Second Term!

Obama wins the 2012 election

Linda Feldmann in The Christian Science Monitor ask about the Election results 2012: Does Obama’s historic victory give him a mandate?
Her article celebrates the historical significance of President Obama’s winning a second term, but points out that the ‘outlook for a better atmosphere in Washington is uncertain at best.”

David Horsey in the LA Times was more direct in stating that Obama’s victory is a harsh lesson for Republicans.

The U.S. Election was closely watch world-wide. The Hindu News website declared that World hails Obama victory. The India News agrees that Asia Sees Stability in Obama Re-Election.

The Israel News joins in with Netanyahu lauds Obama victory: Israel-U.S. ties are stronger than ever

Obama vs. Romney Parody Series – A recap of the first fourteen posts

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