Obama vs. Romney Parody Part 2

Obama vs. Romney, the weigh-inBoth Mitt Romney and Barack Obama showed up at their weigh-in on August 4th, in Las Vegas amid “Oohs” and “Aahs” from their fans and the media. Romney sneered into Obama’s face and heckled him about the economy, “Where are the jobs!” The President, showing a zen-like coolness, replied, “I see your beef, but where are your tax returns?” This prompted a lot of laugh and jeers from Obama’s fans.

The fight is scheduled for November 6, 2012. It promises to be a vicious fight based on the acrimony displayed at the weigh-in! According to the Dave “The Meatman” Scandaliato, the Las Vegas Odds on bets to win 2012 United States of America USA Presidential Election, “Right now at Bookmaker.eu sports Barack Hussin Obama and the Democrats are the odds on favorite at -175 which means if you think the left will retain the White House you need to bet $175 to win $100 plus the return of your initial investment. The Republicans with Willard Mitt Romney are a +155 underdog which means if you think the right will take back 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue you need to wager $100 to win $155 plus and the return of your original wager.” (11-6-12 odds)

Not so, says LubbockOnline, who said on June 22, 2012, that Las Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts Obama Will Have a Landslide Loss. I suspect that Romney will be willing to bet you $10,000 that Lubbock is right!

Coincidently, it was the president’s 51st birthday, so after the weight-in, he played golf and headed for Camp David.

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