Obama vs. Romney Parody Part 3

The Final Weigh In

Romney-Obama final weigh-inAfter the Republican National Convention at Tampa and the Democratic National Convention at Charlotte, both fighters appeared at their top-of-form lean and mean weights. If you look carefully at the photo of the weigh in, you will see Paul Ryan pointing up and yelling, “The sky is falling, we need to get rid of Obama!” Mitt Romney is indicating that they are “Number 1” with his right index finger. Chief Justice, John Roberts has an ambivalent smile, knowing that as referee, he might have to decide on the winner based on points if Florida again have “hanging chads” like in the 2000 fight between George W. Brush and Al Gore. Barack Obama looks pensive as he hold tightly on his POTUS belt (parody on the WBC heavyweight belt). And of course there is Joe Biden “whispering” some advice to Obama.

The POTUS Belt

Did you want a closer look at the POTUS belt? It is a one-of-a-kind belt modelled on the World Boxing Council’s belt. On the right and left of the belt, it has the portrait of the last two Republican (i.e. H.W. Bush and George W. Bush) and Democratic (i.e. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) presidents At the top it says ‘Commander in Chief’, in the middle POTUS and at the bottom, ‘America’. See the details in the photo of the central portion of the belt below:Romney-Obama final weigh-in

A Recap of the Romney/Obama Upcoming Battle

Romney-Obama Fight PromoOn May 14th, after Mitt Romney’s string of five straight knockout against his opponents [Michele Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Santorum], he was deemed the worthy contender for the POTUS heavyweight battle against the current champion, President Obama, slated for November sixth.See our post, Obama vs. Romney Parody for more details.

Romney-Obama weigh-inHowever, in late spring, both the contender and defending POTUS got a little careless about their training and believe or not, they both become obese and were way overweigh at their preliminary weigh in. The general comment from the crowd at the weigh in was that they “looked more like sumo wrestlers than boxers!” See, our post, Obama vs. Romney Parody Part 2 for the story behind this event.

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