Obama vs. Romney Parody – Part 6

Will the Real Louis XIV Please Stand Up?

Obama-Romney: who won the debates overall

Now that the 2012 presidential debates are over and the condidates hit the campaign trail in the key battleground states, it is time to assess the overall winner of the debates.

Immediately after the third debate, the Editorial Staff at The Week gave their answer to the question, President Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Who won the final presidential debate? In general, the consensus is that Obama was aggressive and won, but that Romney managed to pass the Commander In Chief test with his safe and reserved performance.

Erik Uliasz on the Philly2philly.com website agreed that Obama won the third debate, but that he lost to Mitt Romney in the overall debate series. His contends that although Obama won the second and third debate, they did not reverse Romney’s strong performance in the first Denver debate. The poll numbers since the third and final debate appear to support his position.

Silver’s Political Calculus in the The New York Times points out that on Oct. 26: State Poll Averages Usually Call Election Right. In general, the Electoral College map still shows an advantage to Obama, but the numbers had narrowed significantly since the first debate. The RCP average at General Election: Romney vs. Obama shows that Romney has managed a spread of +1.0 in the composite of ten polls that is now included in their RCP average.

As the possibility of a tie in the Electoral College become a possibility, John Klotsche of the LA Times, brings up the possibility of a Romney-Biden White House? It could happen.

With the polls so close at this late date, the likelihood of a “landslide” victory is remote. So although our last two parodies show Obama and Romney as Louis XIV, it is extremely unlikely that either candidate will have the political clout of a absolute monarch!

BTW, although it presented a rather bias selection, I found the debate results: Obama vs Romney Debates as Told In Memes by Benjamin Feinblum hilarious!

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