Obama vs. Romney Parody – Part 7

Obama-Romney’s Second Debate

Julie Page with the Associated PressRomney and Obama prep for second debate reports that ‘President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are each forgoing time on the campaign trail Sunday in favor of hours of intense debate preparation ahead of their next face-to-face meeting,’

Since Romney’s victory lap has evolved into a victory dance and Obama’s strategy is to be more aggressive this time, I expect that Obama’s environmental green president will evolved into a different shade of green. Artparody.com proudly presents the new images of the likable empathetic Romney doing an Irish jig and the fierce Obama turning into 50 shades of green (one for each of the possible etch-a-sketch positions that might be presented by Romney), AKA the Hulk!. Click on the Irish jig for a first class Irish dance presentation. The second debate between Romney and Obama should be a lot more entertaining then the first one.

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Obama vs. Romey fight promo Romeny-Obama weigh-in overweight Romeny-Obama weigh-in lean and mean the POTUS belt Romney Obama Debate Preparation Romney lands a punch on Obama at first presidential debate Mitt Romney takes a victory lap after debate 1 Romney biting the POTUS gold medal

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