Obama vs. Romney Parody

John Whitesides of Reuter states Obama vs. Romney: Close, nasty and unpredictable. Just as we thought that sports have gotten too violent, we now have a promotion for the bloodiest fight of the year. It is supposed to be a gloves-off dirty fighting between two lean-mean machines!Obama vs. Romney parody The battle will take place on 11/6/2012 with a lot of big money being placed by the superpacs.

San Landau also uses the boxing metaphor in his article, Romney Vs. Obama: The Prizefight Election. Before they are allowed to go out and knock each other’s brains out, we need a referee to remind them not to hit below the belt! Superpacs are allowed to play “dirty”, but candidates are expected to fight “clean”.

We will keep you updated on this fight between the champ (AKA POTUS) who is undefeated with a 1-0 record. The Contender is no slough, with a 7-1 record against tough opponents. We will provide more details as the fight date approaches.

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