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Other Websites Takes on our " Top Five Parodies of the Month"

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   o   Michele Bachmann Is No Laughing Matter: Her Holy War, By Matt Taibbi

   o  US Credit Rating Downgrade by S&P (The real world... too bad it's not just a parody.)

   o  Hugely Partisan and the Deathly Debt Ceiling (a Fox News Harry Potter Parody)

   o  We Are Republican

   o  SNL parody Tina Fey as Gov. Palin and Amy Phoeler as Katie Couric (2008... after commercial)

   o  SNL parody of Hillary Clinton "3 am" phone call ad (March 2008)

Other Websites Parodies in General

My original intent on this page was to give you a list of the best websites that covers the topic of art parodies. However, in attempting to get the best, it became obvious that 'best" is subject to user interpretation. Secondly, the nature of the internet is such that the availability of websites and their content can change rapidly within a few days. So my advice is to google for the parody with as much specific information as possible.

If you want to have some direct links here anyway, here are some of the more popular ones listed by google when this page was created:

   o  Muppets

   o  Cats

   o  American Gothic Parody

   o  Gay

   o  Zazzle

   o  Miicheal May's Blog

   o  Dopey Dog Artworks

   o  Spoofs Art Prints

   o  Art Spoofs - Rockwell's

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