Paul Ryan: Tea Party Hero?

Ryan is tea party's Sir LancelotIn today’s Wall Street Journal, Peter Nicholas, observes that Tea Party and GOP Are Now In Sync. He says, “as the GOP convention opens this week, tea-party activists say they like what they see” since the “tea-party supporters view (Paul Ryan) as one of their own.”

You may recall that in my previous post, Was Ryan a Good Pick by Romney?, I did a parody of Ryan as the tea party’s Sir Lancelot by Photoshopping his face over Tintoretto’s “Man in Armour”. Since then, I have found another “Man in Armour (with Red Scarf)”, this time by Anthony van Dyck. You might not initially recognize Ryan in my new parody due to the nobleman’s long hair, which apparently was popular with the nobility of the seventeenth century. However, if you examine Paul Ryan’s picture with his varsity soccer photo on The Daily Beast’s page on Paul Ryan’s High School Yearbook Pictures, you will see our hero’s “beautiful mane of late-80’s style hair” similar to the one in van Dyck’s painting. I used Photoshop to extract Ryan’s picture and cleaned it up a litle. You can see the results on the lower left of this page.

Ryan's varsity soccer team picNot all tea party members are happy with Ryan, says David Grant in the Crhistian Science Monitor. He claims that the Tea party insurgency could unravel Paul Ryan Republican budget plan. He says that “the the conservatives in Congress, led by three tea party senators, are balking at Rep. Paul Ryan’s Republican House budget, saying it doesn’t balance the budget quickly enough.”

We should learn more on how well Ryan connects with the tea party at the Tempa Convention when they finalize their platform.

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