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Obama vs. Putin on D-Day Senator Cruiz leads the teaparty revolt on shutting down the government A parody on Senator Cruiz reading Green Eggs and Ham A parody on Senator Cruiz reading Green Eggs and Ham Senator Cruz a Saint? Go ahead, Assad, make my day! Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos Danger AKA David Mona Lisa as Lady Justice weighing scotus decisions The Roberts Court Congress is broken Boehner is no superman Parody on NRA logo YouTube video Parody on 'NRA KILLS gun control' Obama - NRA High Noon Boehner Superman in Fiscal Cliff Joe Biden - Captain America in Fiscal Cliff Drama Superheros to rescue the fiscal cliff Fiscal Cliff Parody Reid-McConnell fiscal cliff Santa rescues Obama & Boehner from the fiscal cliff Boehner's Plan B Obama & Boehner Fiscal Cliff Compromise Obama Santa Claus leave lump of coal for Grinches Madonna and Obama Obama biting the POTUS gold medal Romney biting the POTUS gold medal Romney as Etch-a-sketch Plastic Man the real Mitt Romney stands up Who won the presidential debate? Obama or Romney Obama and Romney - your Louis XIV choice the third debate: like the samurai's final battle Obama and Romney with samurai hairdos Obama Romney Round 2 Debate Romney & Obama prep for second debate Mitt Romney takes a victory lap after debate 1 Romney sorry to axe Big Bird Romney lands a punch on Obama at first presidential debate Romney Obama Debate Preparation Real Romney on SNL 47 percent video screenshot 47 Percent Parody Obama vs. Romey Parody Romeny-Obama weigh-in Romeny-Obama weigh-in lean and mean Romeny rolls out Paul Ryan Paul Ryan tea party hero Paul Ryan as Sir Lancelot Paul Ryan as Don Quixote Romeny rolls out vp pickRomney's VP Rice - trial ballon or red herring Romeny juggles VP choices Iran Talks Parody Follow-up 2 Iran Talks Parody Follow-up Suu Kyi Mona Lisa Suu Kyi Mona Lisa Romney David and Goliah parody Limbaugh vs Fluke parody Super Tuesday parody Santorum as Sir Lancelot Santorum parody newt gingrich parody cain-romney-perry-bachmann parody Herman Cain parody Rick Perry parody Bachmann parody barack obama parody Weiner parody Downgrade parody Debt ceiling parody Bachmann - Romney parody michelle - President Obama parody Hillary Clinton parody Clinton parody Romney consoling Gingrich parody romney vs obama parody romney vs gingrich parody romney vs santorum parody Newt Gingrich parody romney parody Palin parody Palin teaparty parody

Obama vs. Putin is a recycled Obama vs. Romney parody from the 2012 election. At this point, the “fight” was more of mutually ignoring each other at the D-Day 70th anniversary!

Senator Cruz and the tea party successfully shut down the governemt for 16 days.

Senator Ted Cruiz reading Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham during his 21-hour “filibuster” begs for a parody. I’m sure that there are many… here is my version.

It looks like the Tea Party has already granted sainthood to Senator Cruz.

Regarding the Syrian Crisis, President Obama says, “Go ahead, Assad, make my day!”

Can a leopard change his spots? Is Anothony Weiner about to be pulled down a second time with his sexting scandles?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in June, 2013, made the several key decisions.
Are the Mona LIsa Lady Justice’s scales correctly balanced between being superheroes and being cuckoo?

You decide if John Boehner is a superman or not.

Whose bloody hand is that who is squeeing Congres? If you guessed, “NRA”, you win the prize. Shown above is a parody on the NRA’s logo.

Our revison to the previous YouTube video has been uploaded to http://youtu.be/7bN4fpTyisg. The new title is “A parody on ‘NRA KILLS Gun Control'”. The video features the CodePink protest sign, “NRA Killing Our Kids”, at Wayne LePierre NRA speech on television.

President Obama got the victims of the mass shootings the vote he requested in the U.S. Senate, but shame on the Senate for voting down the bill for expanded background checks. The vote of 54 for and 46 against was not enough to get the 60 votes necessary to overcome the filibuster. For more details see my post on Gun Control Bill Defeated in Senate

Is the pen mighther than AK-47s? Somehow it doesn’t seem like a fair fight, but the NRA doesn’t play by the “rules”. The gun lobby has been airing ads and applying it’s usual pressure on congresspersons. Money talks. Will the White House again be frustraterd in its attempt at some sort or reasonable gun control. This issue should be at the top of the agenda for the new admistration after the inauguration ceremony this coming Monday.

John Boehner as Superman?

So Joe Biden depicted as Captain American is way over the top? Hey, in these times of a dysfunctional congress, anyone that can craft a compromise with the Republicans is a superhero!

The 112th Congress has been one of the least productive congress in U.S. history. The Senate redeemed themselves by passing the bill two hours into the new year. Will the House do likewise? The clock is ticking…

This fiscal cliff parody is based on Mother Goose Humpty Dumpty where Humpty is a metaphor for the U.S. economy. Congress is working on a “cliff hanger” this weekend!

The fiscal cliff saga continues. As the January 1st deadline approaches, the Senate elves, Reid and McConnell, will attempt to do what Obama and Boehner failed to do. Anyone willing to bet $10,000 that it will get done?

Do you believe in the Christma magic? If you do, you can see Santa Claus rescuing Obama and Boehner from the fiscal cliff. This animated GIF is a recycle of Obama and Boehner compromise on the fiscal cliff from last week.

Ho-Ho-Ho! Santa leaves lumps of coal in the Christmas stockings of the GrinchIes. Merry Christmas!

House Speaker, John Boehner, comes off as the Grinch who cancelled Christmas for millions of American as he failed to get the Republican majority in the House to pass his Plan B. You’re a mean one Mr Grinch!

To compromise or not to compromise is not the quetion. Both President Obama and House Speaker Boehner knows driving over the fiscal cliff would lead to another recession. Will the game of “chicken” lead them to go over the cliff anyway?

President Obama wins the 2012 election. It was a hard fought battle, but Obama came through with flying colors.

With the polls showing Barack Obama with just a slight lead over Mitt Romney at this point, either candidate may end up biting the gold POTUS medal. To cover myself, I show a separate image of both winning the medal! After we find out who is the real POTUS on November 6th, I will remove the pretender.

For your halloween special, I have two versions of Mitt Romney! Yes, Romney is so smooth and plastic, he is presented here as DC Comics’ hero, Plastic Man. You can buy The Complete Set of his four Etch-A-Sketch containing 36 episodes for only $12.03 at Amazon.com. For version number 2, I have re-cycled my original The Real Mitt Romney April Fool’s Joke of 4/1/2012. This time it is a GIF animation that will cycle ‘forever’! Enjoy this perpetual etch-a-sketch performance!

Who won the presidential debate… overall? If you haven’t decided yet, you have less than three weeks to do so! Dispite what the polls or the news media or the Internet blog say, only you can decide whether to vote for Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama on November 6th! The winner of the debates for you is the one you vote for!! To help you on this issue, I have recycled the Louis XIV parody with the background changed to that of the Seal of the President of the United States!!! Enjoy!!!!

After the third debate, Karl Rove published on an editorial on FoxNews.com that Romney presented himself as Commander in Chief and Obama came off as Louis XIV. To be fair, I present you with a parody showing both candidate as Louis XIV! You decide who resembles Louis XIV best!

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/10/23/romney-presented-himself-as-commander-in-chief-obama-came-off-as-louis-xiv/#ixzz2AD8xhPJV

The upcoming third presidential debate could be the game changer. Both candidate will be ‘dueling to the death’ like in the classic samurai movie. It’s time for meditation before the final battle!

The second round of the Obama Romney presidential debate turned out to be a blast. A lot of punches were thrown with some solid hits. Did they hurt? You betchum!

Mitt Romney victory lap has turned into a victory dance to taunt Obama. In his preparation for round 2, Obama has turned green with rage (a la HULK)!

We previously showed Mitt Romney taking a “victory” lap after round 1 (AKA debate 1). He is now so confident, he is anticating being able to bit down on the POTUS gold medal in November. He now leads Obama in the polls.

Romney is telling Big Bird that he loves him, but promises to cut off the funding for PBS, including Sesame Street, if he is elected. Romney’s campaign now stresses his empathy.

Comparing the Ali-Frazier boxing series with the Obama-Romney debates… I’ll take the Ali-Frazier match any day! In our parody on the Obama-Romney debate – round 1, Romney scores a hard right to Obama’s belly… not a ‘pretty’ picture!

Mitt Romney and President Obama have been undergoing debate practice with Rob Portman (AKA ‘Obama’) and John Kerry (AKA ‘Romney’). They both look like angry dogs that need to be contained! For more details, check out our post on the upcoming Obama-Romney Debate at the University of Denver.

Hollywood is abuzz with rumors that President Obama and Madonna have been practicing for a special episode on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ should President Obama be re-elected on November 6th. Will Madonna make good on her promised to strip if he wins?

I thought it would be interesting to place an image of the real Romney on a screenshot of the ‘SNL’ Parodies Mitt Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Leaked Tape in ‘Weekend Update Thursday’. Can you tell which is the real Romney and which is Jason Sudeikis of SNL?. Click on the above link to see the SNL video!

Our Romneywood County Club is based on Bushwood County Club in the movie, Caddyshack. For more details, see our post, 47 Percent Parody

The campaign for president of the United States (POTUS) has really taken the look and feel of a boxing match. The original poster we are paroding was for a fight between Schiling and Marcus. The original poster can be seen at the Lion Fight promotions webpage.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both arrived at their preliminary weigh-in on August 4th grossly over-weight. The original sumo painting was done by Tom Krieger according by the Creative Roots website. The cool Obama seems to be saying, “I see your beef, but where are your tax returns?”

However, at the final weigh in, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both arrived at their best lean and mean weight. President Obama is shown holding on to the POTUS belt that he will be defending on November sixth. The photo credit for the original weigh in of Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson was taken by Will Hart.

For more details on this Obama vs. Romney series, see our posts at (1) Obama vs. Romney – the Promo, (2) Obama vs. Romney Part 2 – overweight at the first weigh in, (3) Obama vs. Romney Part 3 – lean and mean at the final weight in.

We found another Man in Armor, this one by Anthony van Dyck. So Paul Ryan now represented by two knight in shining armor parodies. For more information on the painting and parody, see our Paul Ryan – Tea Pary Hero.

We have recycled a couple of Santorum parodies for Paul Ryan… Sir Lancelot and Don Quixote. For more information regarding these, see our post on Was Ryan a good pick by Romney?

Hey, that’s Dick Cheney in the shopping cart. Is he a good buy? See our post, Romeny Rolls Out His VP Pick, to see why we think so!

On August 11th, Romney announced his real VP pick, Paul Ryan. I’m glad that it’s easy to make changes to your shopping cart.

We can add a new previously unknown talent for Mitt Romney… that of juggler-in-chief! He has manage to make the selection of his vice-president running mate into a guessing game for both the media and the public. Read more about this on our post, “Romney VP Choice”.

Was Romney’s leak on Condoleezza Rice being at the head of the “short list” a trial balloon or a red herring?

Here is another parody on the Supreme Court, now labeled as “The Roberts Court” after John Roberts’ surprise ruling on “Obamacare”.

Our previous parody is on The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) as the members of Marvel’s The Avengers. The original poster was done by Esto Garzo, whose other works can be found at Esto’s page at deviantart.com

Is the Iran Talks doomed to failure? My blog, “Iran Talks Parody Follow-up” address the issue.

The Mitt Romney parody attempts to answer the question, Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?

We have two Mona Lisa parodies for Myanmar’s opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who is running for a seat in parliament. The second one is a photoshopped-parody of Suu Kyi flashing the victory sign. We anticipate that it really will happen. The other Mona Lisa in our political parodies gallery is Sarah Palin. You can see more Mona Lisa parodies in our celebrities gallery We previously added a parody on the David and Goliath story. Guess who is Goliath… Mitt Romney! Sarah Palin is the star of Tea Party II, the Sarah Palin Chronicles. She was just featured in “Game Change”. The media frenzy on the Limbaugh vs Fluke controversy continues. These issues are covered in more detail in a separate posts. Romney and Santorum continue to battle it out in the primaries. The Super Tuesday parody was on the Marvel Comics Super Heros, Thor, Captain Marvel, the Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man. Can you guess which of the four Repuplican presidential candidates represents the four Super Heroes? If you guessed Mitt Romney for Thor, Rich Santorum for Captain America, Newt Gingrich for the Incredible Hulk and Ron Paul for the Iron Man, give yourself a pat on the back.

Rick Santorum joined our political gallery after his triple wins in Minnisota, Missori and Colorada. Is the new tea party favorite, is he the Sir Lancelot that they are searching for or he is Don Quixote mounting an futile attempt to upset the Romney windmill machine?

Here is a photoshopped image of Romney consoling Gingrich after his big Florida win. Okay, okay, it did not really happen. It was fun doing a parody on Thomas Nash’s portrait of Newt Gingrich. Hey, it’s all in good fun! Also, presenting the stellar cast of Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rich Perry and Michele Bachmann in “Wishers of Oz”. They all want to be POTUS and each have been a frontrunner at one time! Of the four only Romney remains in the race with his “frontrunner” position being challenged by Gingrich. The polls indicate that Newt is gaining ground while Mitt has taken a hit. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Perry have all dropped out of the race. Mitt Romney sings a nice tune, but has been unable attract the teaparty. I find the the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination polls at Real Clear Politics especially interesting.

Other parodies featured in the political parodies gallery are Obama’s trip to Asia-Pacific (where one of the issues was how to contain China’s growing influence in the area), the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, the debt ceiling (non)negotiation, S&P US credit rating downgrade, Obama’s re-election campaign, Sarah Palin the non-candidate, Hillary Clinton as superwoman and lastly, the parodies based on Thomas Nast’s GOP vs. Demos political cartoon: Romeny against Obama and the in-fighting between Mitt and Gingrich. So it is starting to really look like a Romney vs. Obama contest in November. The bandaged up elephant is “poor” Mitt Romney, who was badly beaten by Newt Gingrich in South Caroline. I add a version of poor Newt Gingrich after the Florida primary and Nevada caucuses.