Romney Big Bird Parody

Romney to Big Bird, “I love you, but…”

Romney to axe Big Bird

On October 2nd, Pema Levy reported on TPM Live Wire that
Advisers Say Romney Will Show Empathy In Debate. This strategy was confirmed by eXtina on the Daily Kos on October 3rd, just before the debate, who pointed out Romney Campaign Secret Debate Weapon: Activate Empathy Sub-routine. Did the strategy work? Well, after the debate, people and critics did give Romney a win! However, it might have been more due to President’s Obama’s lackluster performance, then on Mitt Romney’s show of empathy.

To demonstrate Romney’s new empathy for children and animals, our parody shows President Romney telling Big Bird that he “loves him”, but needs to ax him to save America. Doesn’t Romney look really-really sad?

Actually, to be fair, Romney doesn’t expect Big Bird and Sesame Street to die if he cuts funding for PBS from the budget. Back on December 28, 2011, Raul Constant on the Slog News reported that Romney Wants Advertising on Sesame Street. With America already having an issue with obesity, do we want the junk food industry to have a early crack at preconditioning our children with a barrage of ads on our best educational programs?

Since there is already an overabundance of satire and parodies on the Romney-Big Bird issue, I’ll quit here. Enjoy Googling “Romney Big Bird Parodies”!

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