Romney picks Paul Ryan as VP

Oops… Romney’s real VP pick stands up

Romney picks Paul Ryan as vp
On August 11th, Romney dumped Dick Cheney in the parking lot and loaded up a different VP in his shopping cart instead. Sorry, all sales are final… returns are not allowed!

The real vice-presidental running mate for Mitt Romney can now stand up (once he gets out of the shopping cart). The Wall Street Journal announced that Romney Picks Ryan as Vice-Presidential Running Mate.

I’m glad Romney decided against a “booring white guy” and decided to go with a controveral pick instead.

Julian Zelizer on the CNN Opinion website explains How Ryan could help Romney. Jonathan Martin, Jake Sherman and Maggie Haberman of Politico think that Paul Ryan veep prospects split GOP. Take your pick.

Glenn Thrush write on the Politico website, What the Paul Ryan VP pick means for Obama. Bring on the battle about the budget and entitlement programs. This will make for an interesting 2012 presidential campaign.

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