Romney vs Obama after Romney vs Gingrich

romney vs obama parodyThe assumption has always been that come November, it will be a matchup of Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama since the polls have indicated that he was the only GOP candidate that could beat Obama. Based on that assumption I had created a parody of Thomas Nast’s classic GOP vs. Demos cartoon parody to show Romney battling it out with Obama. romney vs obama parodyHowever, Newt Gingrich placed a damper on Mitt’s “smooth” sailing to the GOP nomination by devastating Romney in the South Carolina primary. While the initial polls showed a tight race between the two in a “GOP battle of the titans”, Reuters indicate that Romney widens lead over Gingrich in Florida: Reuters/Ipsos poll. Will Romney win Florida and sew up the normination, or will it go down to the wire?

Gingrich says that he is in this race to stay and will go all the way to the GOP convention. romney vs obama parodyMy second parody shows Mitt and Newt battling it out. Two heavyweight elephants slugging it out with plenty of “dirt” planted by their super PACs is bound to affect the winner’s run against Barack. If the economy tanks, it may not matter, but in a close race, is it wise to provide your eventual enemy with such firepower? BTW, to cover myself, in case Newt does score an upset, I also included a Gingrich vs. Obama parody. Clicking on any of these parodies will take you to my political parodies gallery where you can see larger images of the parodies.


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