Senator Cruz Declared A Saint

The Tea Party Has Found Their Saint

Senator Cruz delared a saint
Senator Ted Cruz has set a world record for being canonized as a saint. Normally, the canonization process is a lengthy one; however, Senator Cruz (AKA Saint Cruz) was granted sainthood by the tea party in just 21 hours. How cool is that?

After deriding the Democrats for declaring Hillary eligible for sainthood, Senator Cruz beat her to the punch. Is this a preview of the 2016 presidential campaign? If so, it should be a slugfest!

I hope you enjoy my parody of Senator Cruz achieving sainthood after his 21 hour “filibuster” marathon. The photo by Jason Reed/Reuters strongly suggested a halo behind Saint Cruz’s head. I followed the suggestion by superimposing a halo from the mosaic in the Empress Zoe mosaic Hagia Sophia.jpg at Wikimedia Commons

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