Suu Kyi Election Parody

It is April 1st in Myanmar and the long awaited “free” election in taking pace at this moment!Suu Kyi Election Parody How free the election will be is still in question; however, the opposition claims Myanmar’s Suu Kyi wins.

Leading up to the election, NDTV featured a news article that claimed Myanmar’s historic polls: Aung San Suu Kyi poised to win. When the election is closed and all the votes are counted, we will see if Myanmar (AKA Burma) will truly allow members of the democratic opposition to sit in Parliament. If so, it will be a great step forward for the county!

Our parody is a photoshopped version of Suu Kyi flashing the victory sign. We don’t know if it will actually happen, but hope springs eternal! Hopefully, we are not leading up to a Thomas Dewey senerio.

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