The Masahiro Tanaka Decision

A Stain on the Ninja Uniform

Masahiro TanakaIt’s all over folks… Masahiro Tanaka awoke this morning with a stain on ninja uniform resembling the logo of a MLB team.

The Dream

You seeā€¦ Masahiro Tanaka had a dream last night that he visited the Oracle at Delphi. The Oracle said:

“You will come to a fork in the road with five paths. They all lead to gold, but only one will give you the coveted WS ring year after year. There you will share in the glory with a recent CY hurler!”

Now which path would that be? Of course, that would be the Dodgers where he can share in the rotation with the newly signed Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw got a seven-year $215 million package. I wonder what the Dodgers have offered to Tanaka?


Masahiro Tanaka needs to consider WWDCKD! (Mnemonic for What Would Dodger Clayton Kershaw Do?).

Note: Changed from WWCKD to WWDCKD since the hashtag #WWCKD is being used on tweeter for …Captain Kirk and for …Chief Keef. I’m sure that it would have confused Tanaka to consider their actions!

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