The Real Mitt Romney Stands Up

BREAKING NEWS:Mitt Romney parody Washington Post, April 1, 2012: While Mitt Romney was giving a speech to the tea party today, a gruesome incident occurred. As the animated and obviously angry Mitt Romney was blasting the youtube video, “Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?”, his facemask unzipped, revealing a visually embarrassed President Obama. In his haste to cover up, Obama accidently unzipped his own facemask, revealing the real Mitt Romney. The media immediately went into a frenzy and acted like insane paparazzis. You can see the photograph released by the AP on the right.

I was googling “best romney parody” and came across the article, Mitt Romney Parodied as ‘Slim Shady’ and the Business of Viral Videos. Upon linking to the ABC News website and playing the video, Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up? I was floored… the parody is so good!

I decided to locate the original youtube video rather than link to one of the bootlegged versions. I noticed that the video was credited to Hugh Atkin, this led me to google Hugh Atkin. I followed the trail > Hugh Atkin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia > The Margins of Error. There you can view the original youtube video uploaded by hmatkin on Mar 19, 2012. When I viewed it, the number of views were 2,933,439. Undoubtedly, that count will be much higher when you view it. You can link to the original video by Hugh Atkin by clicking on the image of his youtube video at the lower left portion of this post.

My parody was inspired by Mr. Atkin’s video. Since it is April fools’ day, I came up with the tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory that contrary to popular belief, ET did not return home in 1982. He has instead been lurking in the dark corridors of the White House. When opportunities occur, he has taken over the bodies of unsuspecting presidents and presidential candidates a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I should mention that Mr. Atkin’s parody is a spoof of the music video by Eminem performing The Real Slim Shady.

hmatkin the margin of error - youtube

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