The Wizard of Oz

classic posterA couple of nights ago, while taking a bath before going to bed, I suddenly thought about doing a parody of the Republican candidates for POTUS as characters in the movie, "The Wizard of Oz". In fact, I felt so inspired by the idea that I ended up staying all night to complete the parody. My first thought was to use the familiar poster of Dorothy and the three main characters hopping along the yellow brick road to Emerald City. However, it quickly dawned on me that with that classic poster,close up in the forest the faces on the characters would be so small on the internet that they would not be recognizable. Further googling led me to a much more suitable poster with a close of their faces in the forest. BINGO!

The next step was to decided whose face to substitute for each of the main characters. Rich Perry as the scarecrow and Michele Bachmann as Dorothy were slam dunks, but the "assignment" for the part of the lion and the tinman was more difficult. Who needed a heart and who needed courage? Finally, I took a cop out… I assigned the roles based on which one had pictures on the Internet that would more closely match the original faces on the poster! Romney is the cowardly lion and Cain the tinman in need of a heart.

close up in the forest

After completing the parody, I needed to name it. Originally, I thought of "The Repubs of No’s", but it was to literal and just didn’t sound right. Then I though of "The Wizards of Noz". It sounded right, but had no pizzazz. Eventually, I settled for "The Wishers of Noz" It had the sound and flavor of the original title, yet conveyed two ideas… they wish to be POTUS and they were from the "party of No’s" (per Democrats).

The objective with the Photoshopping was to make the substituted faces feel "correct" on the parodied poster. You can see the change in the faces if you mouse over the two images (the original poster and the parody) in the political parodies gallery.

I would welcome your comments on my efforts and appreciate any suggestions you care to offer.


Scarecrow: "But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking… don’t they?"

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