Tim Tebow

I haven’t spent much time watching football after the LA Rams left Anaheim to become the St. Louis Rams. However, I did notice an article at Yahoo.com when I went to check the mail on Halloween that caught my eye, “Opponent: Tebow experiment is ‘embarrassing’”. Wow, I thought, that quarterback must be really bad! and promptly forgot about it.

However, last week, after seeing an article on ‘Tebowing’ Leaves 4 NY High School Students Suspended. I decided to check up on Tebow’s record and was surprised to see that he won six straight victories for the Denver tebow parodyBroncos since that article. So I decided to to a parody on “tebowing”. In fact, I found two painting by Botticelli that would be the perfect targets for “tebowing”. You can see the results in the Celebrities Gallery.

The article in wikipedia gives a detail history on Tim Tebow. You might find the Tim Tebow SNL Skit Saturday Night Live – YouTube video humorous. I did.

While I was in the process of finishing the parodies and setting up the webpages, I found out that the Denver Broncos lost to the New England Patriots. another tebow parodyWhether the Tebow-mania is justified or not… you be the judge! It is an interesting story and it will be fun to watch what happens in the future. I have a couple of small teaser images here. You will neet to go to the Celebrities Gallery and click on the small images to see the larger full-sized images.



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