Trump vs Xi Trade War Sumo Style

President Trump arrived in Japan for 4-day state visit during the memorial day holidays for trade talks, golf and sumo. As part of the visit, Trump attended the final round of wrestling matches at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament and presented “The President’s Cup”, which stands 54 inches tall and weights 60 to 70 pounds. The Japanese media have nicknamed the cup “The Trump Cup”.

Based on Trump’s love of wrestling and his obsession with the Mexico border wall and Wall Street, artparodies has created a parody of Trump challenging China’s President Xi Jinging to a sumo match at the Great Wall of China as a result of the on-going trade war. Hopefully a trade agreement can finally be reached at the upcoming 2019 G20 Osaka summit on June 28-29. According to the South China Morning Post, China had been warned to prepare for a lengthy trade war with the US.

Too bad that Trump’s America first policy does not allow the Chinese to build “The Great Wall of Trump” for him. They appeared to be good at building really big walls. Trump’s wall could become the eight wonder of the world!

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